Words; the ones left unsaid.

Words, words, words… Sometimes, it’s all we have to say, other times it’s all we are left with, but their value can change dramatically in a heartbeat. Make sure you’ve said what needs to be said to those you love, long before it’s all too late. This Christmas could be a chance to mend old wounds or to let your family know that they are cherished.

It’s around this time of year that emotions can come to the surface. Mostly because we are thinking of the stresses of the impending festive season, but in reality, it’s probably due to things that needed to be said that we’ve avoided. The season is merely the vehicle.

Many factors make for a successful family gathering and we all play a ‘hand’ in Christmas and what that means to our extended family.

Whether its I love you, or, understanding what someone may have endured this past year and saying I’m sorry, time isn’t always on our side and there is no time like the present to express how you feel. It may mean that we say nothing at all to keep the peace? There is no greater expression of “I love you” than a smile and hug when it’s needed and not expected. The ultimate Christmas gift if things haven’t been great.

Cherishing memories and making new ones all at the same time; that’s what Christmas is all about. Be grateful for the gift of each other, and enjoy the time spent together.

It’s essential to be prepared too, especially when planning a get together in your home. Catering for family groups at Christmas is stressful and being mentally prepared for being overwhelmed and busy is another level in itself. Grief can surface for numerous reasons; the death of a loved one, and the memories that may bring at such a special time of year or sometimes it’s just hard to pinpoint why we’re grieving, but we know that we don’t feel OK. This can manifest in the way we treat others or even accept treatment from family or friends. Being mindful of this can help.

So to wrap up; is there something or someone on your mind this Christmas? There is never a more appropriate occasion than now to make your words be heard or read.

At the end of the day, our words are just that; words. Words of expression, words that make our story in this thing called life, and sometimes they mean the world to others. Give it a go, you never know what the outcome could lead to.