Our ‘Your Story’ booklet is a life story worth retelling.

Often as children we sit and listen to the stories being told by grandparents, elder aunts, uncles and family friends. These memories are the legacy they leave behind in each and every one of us that have heard them and for the generations beyond. They become part of who we are and are called on in times of grief and sadness. But what happens when they forget the stories themselves?

Memories keep your loved ones alive in your presence; they’re the things that maintain the connection to them.

Our ‘Your Story’ booklet can be completed by others with stories and memories of a loved one, so they can be retold to them when they forget. Speaking of cherished memories can be soothing to elderly patients and those with dementia and can help keep them feel safe and secure as it’s a time they can communicate most about. This can be comforting to both relative and visitor when conversation can often be difficult.

Download the booklet to ensure vital memories of your family legacy are never forgotten.