Did you know you can have a custom location for your funeral?

Usually, it’s accepted funerals are held in a church or chapel, but did you know these are not the only locations you can honour a life. It is becoming popular now to hold a funeral service or farewell ceremony in a place that was cherished by the person who died.  It could be their local bowling […]

Sudden loss, it can affect everyone

Losing someone we love suddenly is devastating. Not only is it incredibly sad, but there is also the added impact of shock to consider. How ever you react, remember it is normal and understandable given the devastating news you received. Many often feel isolated, bewildered and traumatised, and need support to cope with the situation. […]

Our ‘Your Story’ booklet is a life story worth retelling.

Often as children we sit and listen to the stories being told by grandparents, elder aunts, uncles and family friends. These memories are the legacy they leave behind in each and every one of us that have heard them and for the generations beyond. They become part of who we are and are called on […]

Christmas: Not a happy time for everyone.

Grieving the loss of family and friends is a challenge at any time of year, but the holiday season can magnify your loss and mourning. Gatherings and events can be reminders of loss; an empty chair is a chilling reminder. As children you look forward to happy times, Santa coming, grandma’s cooking and spending time […]