A time to talk...

Your journey becomes your story; it matters now, it will matter in the future, it’s the legacy you leave behind. Every story deserves to be told. It’s what makes us unique. Have the conversation now because it cannot be had once you’re gone.

Life is a beautiful, complex, and messy web of giving ourselves away to others, and allowing others to give themselves to us, shouldn’t our dying process be supported by those who created our web of life? 

Grief and the festive season.

Christmas conversations are never easy. The office is winding down and the festive season is winding up. But, where do you fit in? What are

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Your Final Gift

Your funeral isn’t a gift you give to yourself, it’s a gift you give to the people who love you. Make sure your final wishes

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Why Funerals Are Important

Since the beginning of the human race, different cultures and civilisations have committed to honouring and caring for the deceased, beginning with a type of ceremony

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Children and grief

The thought of explaining our mortality to a child can be both heartbreaking and scary. Their innocence is admirable and their naivety is beautiful and

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Words; the ones left unsaid.

Words, words, words… Sometimes, it’s all we have to say, other times it’s all we are left with, but their value can change dramatically in

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